Are you confused with what you have read on the internet or what your buddies say is the best thing to buy?  Come on in and and have a look at some products in the showroom and we can sit down to discuss your dream.  We will show you existing builds in our shop and offer you real-world solutions to fit your budget and timeline.  We can build you a personal plan with all-in pricing to get you what you want with what you can afford.

Power Upgrades


Are you getting bored with your current power?  Hey it happens to all of us .... we all want that punch to pin us back in the seat, or knock a few tenths off the quarter mile at the track.  We can handle anything or specific HP number you have in mind and make sure you understand ALL the costs to get there.  Best bang for the buck is typically adding a Supercharger for 100-200 HP at the wheels, but if you like old school, Head and Cam upgrades are a proven way to get 35-90HP and that aggressive muscle car sound.

Suspension Upgrades


It is not all about upgrading your engine.  When you add power, it amplifies the demand on your suspension beyond what it was originally design to do.  Upgrading your sway bars and end links is a great first step to eliminate deflection in corners.  Upgrading springs and control arms also make a huge difference if you are a road course guy or if you just like eating up corners on the street.  We can help with many proven suspension solutions!

Dyno Tuning


Having a chassis dyno on the premises is essential for a pre-build baseline, custom tuning and the ultimate test for the parts you have purchased.  Using our premier Mopar tuning specialist Hemituner Performance, we can deliver a balance of power, drivability and reliability.



There are some great parts and performance kits that fit your vehicle but sometimes things need to be tailored to work with other parts you have installed over the years.  No problem ..... we will take on any challenge and customize to make it all work to give you personalize performance!



We don't just do the installs and send you on your way ....... you become part of our performance family for maintenance and adjustments when required.  We have all the specialized equipment for routine maintenance and general repairs, such as oil changes, tire balancing, AC recharging, coolant flushes, brake and tranny service.