Tuning Team - Adam, Glen, AJ Berge of Hemituner Performance

Modern Muscle Car Tuning

Adam, Glen and AJ Berge of Hemituner Performance

Do you want your car to run like it did when it came off the assembly line and still have maximum power, reliability and engine longevity?  It isn't just about a high horsepower number for a Facebook post but having your car idle in traffic with the AC on without surging, or starting easily in any weather condition.  Through comprehensive Dyno sessions and street data logging, we offer the best performance tuning and drivability available on your Mopar muscle car in Southern Ontario - period!

We use Diablosport CMR and HP Tuners software for GM and Mopar vehicle logging and tuning.

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The best tuning available for Hemi powered vehicles!


Custom HEMI Performance Engine and Transmission Calibrations

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HP Tuners software

HP Tuners VCM Scanner software application

VCM Suite application with detailed logging parameters for tune customization and ultimate horsepower and drivability!

On the Dyno!

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