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Authentic Performance

Personalized Performance


  • Authentic performance brands
  • Performance solution consultation
  • Complete drivetrain customization
  • In-house 2WD chassis Dynojet
  • Shop & Showroom


Glen Thorne - Owner / Operator. Performance and Custom Solution Specialist


Cars and horsepower are Glen's passion.   If it has an engine, he is interested!  Having owned and modified many GM and Mopar muscle cars, he is eager to talk about your custom project needs.  Moving from a customer to a performance shop owner has formed a unique perspective on listening and delivery expectations. Glen's view is it is important to educate on ALL the options, operation and pricing to make an informed decision.  His performance philosophy is ..... adding power isn't cheap and having a comfortable shop and showroom is essential for trust and discussion on modifying your ride.


Adam Clay - Operations Manager. Performance Technical and Installation Expert


Adam is all about delivering maximum performance solutions!  He will offer you honest discussion on all the products and the total solution, giving you the most detail, pricing and best customer experience. He has over 20 years of performance application and Mopar part sourcing management.  Expertise in performance for modern GenIII Mopar engines, transmissions and suspension configurations.  Specializes in Supercharging / Turbo installations and solutions, as well as Dynojet operations.


Matt Wayling - Installation and Repair Expert


Matt is a senior certified ASE mechanic with over 15 years of professional dealer experience.  Certified in Dodge, Chrysler and RAM vehicles, Matt is the true definition of "jack of all trades".  There really isn't a mechanical challenge that he can't sort out or install!   Specializing in engines, transmissions and electrical allows Matt to easily tackle in depth installation or repair of your modern muscle car project.


Our Background


Horsepower is in our blood.  We have been customizing modern and classic hot rods in our shop for the past 7 years and enjoying every minute of it!  We love a challenge and have built many complex and unique high horsepower packages, combing premium performance products and tuning. We have the depth and experience you can trust!

Our Specialty


We specialize in enhancing modern muscle cars by offering total solutions from the pavement up on any Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM and GM performance vehicle.  We can handle anything you have in mind, from simple bolt-ons, to complex engine, suspension and braking upgrades.   

Adding boost to upgrade your engine's output through Supercharging and Turbocharging is our speciality!  Complimenting extra power with proper transmission and suspension upgrades is also the key to a balanced ride. We can help you understand all the options.

Our Promise


To meet and exceed your expectations and to treat your car with the utmost care and professionalism.  Your car should leave as clean or cleaner than when it came to our shop and make you smile on the way home with new power or handling.  Simply ....... if you aren't happy, we will make it right! 

We are proud of what we create and know you will be happy.  You will be treated right!